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Xtreme Fitness FAQ

Xtreme Fitness FAQ

Q: What Is Xtreme Fitness?

A: Xtreme Fitness creates a dynamic training routine that includes kettle bells, strength training, TRX Suspension Training, Kickboxing and High Intensity Interval Training for a fun, intense workout!

Energizing, Explosive, and Powerful…

The Xtreme Fitness classes compliment training by toning muscle and dramatically improving strength and stamina. Xtreme Fitness classes are a total-body workout, getting clients into prime physical shape. The total-body workout benefits of the Xtreme Fitness system have been featured in publications such as Shape, Men’s Fitness, USA Today, US, and SELF, as well as television from CNN and Extra to The Today Show.

Q: How Fit Do I Have To Be To Start In Xtreme Fitness?

A: Xtreme Fitness workouts are designed for a mixed bunch: fit and unfit men, women, all athletic abilities. The workouts are scalable for all fintess levels. Everyone in the class goes at their own pace with no egos so if you are not in shape this will not matter.

Q: Who Trains Xtreme Fitness?

A: The unique system of Xtreme Fitness concept has been taught to: Israeli Special Forces, Law Enforcement, FBI, SWAT, U.S. Marshals, Illinois State Police, Highway Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, Military, and Civilians and more.

Q: What If I Have Never Taken A Workout Class Before?

A: For many people who train at Xtreme Fitness, it was their first experience, however we also have many students who have years of experience in other types of training, we welcome everyone to participate, regardless of background.

Q: How is Xtreme Fitness Different From Other Workouts?

A: Xtreme Fitness has no machines, no non-sense, no limits!  

Q: Will I Lose Weight, Build Muscle?

A: Yes. Losing weight and building muscle is definitely a side effect of training with us!. Classes always include a warm-up and a workout.

Q: What Do I Wear to Class?

A: Comfortable workout shirt, no shoes on mats and athletic shorts or athletic pants. We also have XFIT-STL clothing available in our Pro Shop.

Q: What If I Want To Learn Self Defense Also?

A: Xtreme Krav Maga St. Louis offers boxing, muay thai, grappling, cardio kickboxing, sparring classes in addition to our self defense classes, offering you an all around workout!

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Training at Xtreme Fitness St. Louis?


A: Physical fitness is incorporated into every training session, including cardiovascular and strength building exercises, also stretching to increase flexibility, while putting emphasis on speed, agility, endurance, strength, and accuracy & coordination.

Q: What Should I Do If I Want to Try Xtreme Fitness?

A: Simply come in a try a few classes out for free! The quicker you start to learn, the quicker you will be able to reach your fitness goals.

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