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Mick Kennedy – Head Fitness Coach

Mick’s Gym\Xtreme Fitness St. Louis

mick-kennedy-mick's gymMick Kennedy is a Certified Personal Trainer with the NCCPT and the NSCA. I am TRX Group Suspension Training Certified; David Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance Specialist Certified and NSCA TSAC-F (Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator) Certified (in progress).

He has trained at and managed many health and fitness clubs over the years. Additionally, I have worked as a weight loss counselor, Olympic Weightlifting Team Assistant Coach, and SUSA Swim Team Strength Coach.


Mick specializes in Force Production Training. For the Tactical Athlete (you), this means Strength, Speed, Mobility & Agility. This is what you can expect to learn and gain from TACTICAL FORCE PRODUCTION TRAINING Classes at Xtreme Fitness St. Louis.


More recently Mick competed in the Southern Power Lifting Federation’s Missouri State Championship and set a state and national record. I trained a world record holder in the Deadlift. My favorite accomplishment so far has been acting as a personal trainer for an individual who lost 100 pounds of body fat and put on 25 pounds of muscle in one year’s time. Mick has overseen numerous success stories, too many to count, of people doing things they never thought possible; competing in and winning sporting events, losing weight, bodybuilding, toning, and getting in shape.


“I live to see people accomplish what they never thought possible and the freedom it brings! I believe mobility is key to our freedom in life. Without mobility we lose our freedom to go places we want to go and to do things we want to do. There are many factors that increase our mobility\freedom and strength is just one of them.
Xtreme Fitness, Xtreme Krav Maga and Xtreme Tactical Defense are essential components to our daily freedom.”


Classes Taught: Mick’s Gym, TRX, Private Personal Training, Xtreme Fitness




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