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Nick White РInstructor

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Nick is from Cedar Hill and has always been an active/adrenaline driven person. Growing up i always watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and wanted to be a ninja!

I started out playing traditional sports and played hockey up until finding a Kick Boxing gym. I quit hockey and dove straight into martial arts from then on. I started training at Fearless Fighters at the end of 2005. I have competed for Fearless Fighters in amateur Muay Thai, K-1, Karate, Point Fighting, MMA, Boxing and many other forms of martial arts. Ive also competed in WAKO and ISKA world amateur tournaments.

Nick loves to motivate his clients thru hard work, setting goals and challenging them in his bag classes!

I love pushing my class to their limits and beyond, and nothing makes me prouder than seeing my class getting stronger and fitter.

See you on Saturday mornings!

Classes Taught:
Saturday – Cardio Kickboxing

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