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Private Personal Training – Fitness, CrossFit, Strength Training,

Private-Personal-TrainingPrivate Personal Fitness Training is great for people that can’t make regular scheduled classes, want to focus on specific techniques, or just want to take their training to a higher level quickly.



Private Training is also perfect for one on one instruction with a high-level certified instructor to work on advanced techniques.

Private personal training sessions are available for general Fitness, TRX, Strength, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and Tactical Athletes.
Xtreme Fitness’s Personal Trainers are Certified Instructors.

Private Personal Training is available by appointment and\or on a regular basis.
Private classes offer maximum flexibility … day, nights, weekdays, or weekends … if you’re available, we’re available.

Contact us for details.

Private Training – Xtreme Fitness


Private Fitness Training is perfect for those seeking weight loss, toning, targeted exercise, yoga, kickboxing, and more.  Our Certified Instructors will provide individualized training and/or specific programs to fit your needs.  Whether you like the one-on-one instruction or you crave the accountability, Xtreme Fitness St. Louis’ instructors can help with private training.

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