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Corporate Fitness Seminars & Bootcamps

Fitness Seminars\Bootcamps for Businesses, Organizations and Martial Arts Gyms


Looking for a unique team building activity or event for your employees or clients?

Host am Xtreme Fitness seminar or classes at your business or facility or let us host it at our world class gym!

We offer various types of Fitness seminars & classes including:

  • Group Fitness Class
  • Women’s Self Defense Seminars
  • Kids Self Defense Seminar
  • Employee Protection and Safety Seminar
  • Basic Self Defense Seminar
  • Law Enforcement Seminar
  • We can fit the workshop curriculum to meet the needs of your group or organization.

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Xtreme Fitness St. Louis is a self defense training and fitness studio.
We opened in February 2009, training out of a 2000 sq. ft gym.  In just 2 short years, we moved and expanded to a 9000+ sq ft. facility.

Members enjoy the benefit of showers, locker rooms, kids play area, heavy bag room, three huge training rooms, weight room/gym, and even 24 hour access.

We offer numerous classes and training activities, including /Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing Boot Camp, Cross Fit-X Conditioning, Kid’s Self Defense, Law Enforcement\Military Defense Tactics and more–all taught by Certified Instructors.

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